aCommerce Supports C2C Merchants with SmartShip

By offering a new shipping service that simplifies the merchant-3PL relationship aCommerce has launched phase one of a new multi-shipping platform called SmartShip to offer SMEs cost-effective shipping rates, insurance and most importantly cash-on-delivery, a cardinal option they could not individually secure with 3PLs. As SMEs gain larger order volumes, the efficiency of their relationship with 3PLs is vital to providing their customers a painless service.

Through aCommerce technology, SmartShip sends automated shipping labels and direct billing to merchants for a simple two step shipment cutting out long queues and payment hassles.

Thailand Post, a nationwide logistics provider, is one of the first 3PLs working with SmartShip. Page365, a popular platform for Facebook Page merchants to monitor customer activity, has signed up for SmartShip to offer their users exclusive package drop off and pick up at any Thai Post branch in the greater Bangkok area. The second phase of SmartShip will be available in the next month and target nationwide delivery.

“SMEs who couldn’t offer cash-on-delivery can now do so through SmartShip’s exclusive partnerships. This is vital to the growth of their customer base as only 10% of the country owns a credit card,” said Phensiri Sathianvongnusar, aCommerce Thailand COO. “We’re excited to help C2C merchants work more efficiently and effectively with 3PLs to drive the ecommerce ecosystem forward in Southeast Asia. The best part is they don’t need to change their behavior to reap the benefits.”