aCommerce Increases ChannelSquid Content Management Capabilities

The amount of time spent creating content for an ecommerce store is often underestimated. Brands were previously uploading product information to a file sharing service for vendors to access but this limited the quality, size, format, customization and security of the data.

aCommerce makes this manual process more efficient by optimizing existing tech product ChannelSquid with a Content Management System calledChannelSquid CMS to allow brands to easily upload, store, retrieve and manipulate their media (images, product description, metadata, video, etc.) on a single cloud-based platform.

Each ecommerce channel, whether or marketplace, has their own particular set of guidelines for the ‘right’ product image, product name/description and content management. ChannelSquid CMS allows vendors to request image modification on demand – delivered in 48 hours – to meet the specifications for each channel (e.g. product image requires a white background or PNG versus JPEG). Prior to an efficient CMS, brands had to re-upload reformatted images manually to for example, Dropbox, and share with the vendor again – both time consuming and increasing time-to-market.

Key Features:

  • No need to install standalone ChannelSquid CMS software and hardware because the platform is accessible from the cloud
  • Complete integration with a Product Library enables a seamless flow between storage and distribution of content, and a simple way to link assets directly to products
  • The intuitive interface requires minimal user training, while offering rich functionality such as image manipulation
  • A web-based system means third-party users have direct access to all the content they require – no back and forth hassle and all images automatically adapted to device and browser of users
  • It is a secure solution for content and asset management
  • Content produced by aCommerce “Production” services can be SEO-optimized

aCommerce ChannelSquid Content Management
“Existing CMS products on the market don’t allow brands to easily manage content across different marketplaces – the process is still very manual leaving room for large margins of error. ChannelSquid CMS opens the flow of information between parties to create boundless opportunities – the same content in the platform can be configured on demand to abide Lazada’s guidelines or modified to fill a page in a physical catalog,” –Charles Gourlaouen, General Manager Channel Management

L’Oreal Thailand is the first to sign aCommerce service, ChannelSquid CMS once the technology is fully optimized at the end of the month.